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0 Short, shorter, shortest!

  • by Administrator
  • 20-12-2016
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The most current trend in hairstyles today is actually cutting it all off! What better way to feel refreshed and ready for the spring season than to get rid of those split ends and try something new?!
Many women are afraid of cutting off their locks that they have cared for all those years. All the time they spend brushing, styling, and conditioning, has made them fall in love with their long beautiful hair, which causes them to be afraid of separation anxiety if they commit to going shorter.

However, they would be surprised at how short hair can look great on anyone! There are so many different short hairstyles that can compliment any face shape or personality. Just look at any celebrity magazine and you will see how many of the Hollywood stars are opting for shorter looks! And don’t forget, hair always grows back!

If you are unsure of what cut would look great on you, come in to see us for a free consultation!