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  • by Administrator
  • 20-12-2016
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Do you ever wonder why your hair looks fabulous coming out of the salon but you have trouble recreating the look?

Do you find that your hair colour fades quickly and you keep having to spend more money getting it redone?

Do you think that getting your hair coloured and cut professionally is all you need to do to keep your hair looking the way you want it to?

Do you purchase hair products at drug stores because salon products are more expensive?

If you answered Yes to all of these questions, then please keep reading!

How much time you you spend in the morning trying to decide what to wear? And how much money do you spend on articles of clothing to create the desired look? How often do you wear each article of clothing? Did you ever stop and think that one of the most noticeable items in your “desired look” is your hair?

If you’re spending money on clothes, why are you not spending money on your hair? After all, it’s permanent and you wear it every day. If you are hesitant to buy salon products that will prolong your colour, give your hair shine, strength and hold, then think about the above questions. Many people think that it’s economical to get their hair professionally coloured (to do it right) and then use drug store products to maintain it. Most of the time, they’re wrong. What ends up happening is that the colour fades faster, and they have to visit the salon more often and spend more money on colour, rather than products. Why not just spend less money on the right products the first time? Plus, there is such a variety of products that there is bound to be one that is suited exactly for the look you want to create, while maintaining the health and colour of your hair.

The next time you make an appointment, make sure to talk to your stylist to find out what products are best for your hair!