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0 Skin Care is Expensive!

  • by Administrator
  • 20-12-2016
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It’s not uncommon to be overwhelmed by the the price tags of skin products we don’t necessarily find in the drug store. Meticulously harvested essential oils from across the world, purified spring water from an exclusive European well, and other similar naturally derived ingredients certainly can’t come cheaply.

As wonderful as these products sound, the average consumer simply cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on their face alone. As such, they may decide to rely on drug store brands to satisfy their skin’s needs.

Convenient and inexpensive as these products may be, the reduced price tag is not without its own consequences. The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” has never been as accurate as it is here. One of the most common reasons these products are as inexpensive as they are is because they are full of fillers like waxes or less than satisfactory quality ingredients. Although the ingredients list may have some wholesome sounding things in it, you are likely receiving a product that is 90% filler, up to 5% preservative, and 5% of beneficial ingredients to your skin.

In the past, I remember demonstrating a night cream rich in Shea Butter to a client, only to be rebuffed because she told me she could buy Shea Butter for $3 at the local dollar store. I may be getting off topic with this, but researching the exhaustive process of preparing Shea Butter for aesthetic use, I would be worried if a giant tub of it only cost me $3.

Skin care is an investment. Your Aesthetician should go through each and every product you consider and explain how it will work with your skin. Don’t be afraid to ask him or her how the ingredients work. If you are still unsure, consider trying out the “basics” of a proposed skin regimen, which usually is your cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. A lot of modern spas also offer exchanges (and sometimes returns) on skin care products if they do not reach your expectations, even if you have opened them.

At Axiom, we have chosen to carry Darphin, which has proven itself as an extremely reputable skin care system since its beginnings in France. Merging scientific applications, high quality ingredients, and an extensive approach to analyzing one’s skin, we are proud to offer Darphin products and services to Vancouver’s discerning clientele.

This month (September) we are offering 15% off all retail and skin care products, which includes Darphin! Now more than ever is an excellent time to come in and explore a new skin care regimen tailored to your needs.

Consultations are always free. We look forward to seeing you!